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Q: What is NewGel+?
A: NewGel+ are silicone gel sheets which are used for the treatment of problem scars.

Q: What is NewGel+ made from?
A: NewGel+ is a 100% pure medical grade silicone sheet with a non-adhesive backing. There are three backing types available which are; nearly invisible clear silicone, extra durable beige fabric and stretchy and comformable foam. The foam backed items have blue coloured silicone gel to make them more visible.

Q: What is NewGel+ E Advanced Silicone Gel?
A: NewGel+E is the latest addition to the NewGel+ range. It is a specially formulated ointment made from medical grade silicone with added vitamin E to aid in healing the scar and softening the surrounding tissue. NewGel+E is great for facial scars as once it has dried; it has no odour and make up can be applied over it to hide the scar even further.

Q: Which is better; NewGel+ sheets or NewGel+E cream?
A: They are both great and effective products. Silicone gel sheets are recognised as the best available treatment for problem scars and as such we would normally recommend NewGel+ sheets. NewGel+E cream however is great for times when wearing the sheets is not possible e.g. whilst sleeping or when you want to hide the scar with make up.

Q: Do I need to purchase both NewGel+ sheets and NewGel+E cream?
A: No you do not. We recommend the use of NewGel+ products for at least 6 hours per day however for best results, you should try to treat your scar 24 hours per day. This can be difficult if you are using the sheets alone so NewGel+E cream can be used at times when sheets would not be suitable. In this way, you can continue your treatment 24 hours per day. You should note that it is very important that you do not use any creams or lotions at the same time as using the sheets as this will cause them to lose their adhesiveness.

Q: Does NewGel+ actually work?
A: Yes. Silicone Gel sheets are widely recognised by plastic surgeons as first line treatmentfor the reduction of hypertrophic scars and keloids. They are also the only non-invasive treatment for scars that you can use at home that have clinical evidence of effectiveness. You can find several case studies and clinical papers showing how well NewGel+ works by clicking on the appropriate links below.

Q: What are hypertrophic scars?
A: The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons defines a hypertrophic scar as one "which occurs when the wound heals to become red, raised and itchy". Once a hypertrophic scar matures, often the itchiness subsides but the redness and protrusion of the scar remains.

Q: What is a keloid?
A: A keloid is a scar that once healed, continues to grow outside the area of the original wound and encroaches upon normal tissue.

Q: How does NewGel+ work?
A: NewGel+ is a full thickness silicone gel sheet which has three modes of action; occlusion, hydration and light pressure. Occlusion is the prevention of air from circulating around the scar. Stopping this air circulation also prevents the skin from becoming dehydrated. maintaining hydration helps to soften and fade the scar. This combined with the pressure applied by the sheet reduces redness, softens and fades the scar.

Q: How is NewGel+ used?
A: Before applying NewGel+ you should clean and dry the area to be treated. As NewGel+ is self adhesive, once you have selected the right shape or cut your sheet to size, all you need you to do is peel off the backing and place the sheet, sticky side down over the scar. Make sure that the NewGel+ sheet completely covers your scar with at least 5mm around each side.

NewGel+ should be worn for a minimum of 6 hours per day. For best results it can be used 24 hours per day. Just remove it once a day to clean the treatment area and reapply the sheet. Improvement may be seen in as little as a day or two. Full benefit may be seen in 3-6 months.

Q: How do I know which NewGel product to use?
A: You do have a number of different options with NewGel+ however they all wotk the same so the product you choose should be based on the shape of scar you are trying to treat. The choice of colour again doesn't alter the results you will see. It is purely down to your preference.

Q: Can I use other gels or creams under the NewGel+ Sheets?
A: No. You should not use any other creams or gels under NewGel+ Sheets.

Q: Is NewGel+ painful to use?
A: No. NewGel+ is absolutely pain-free. The strips are quite sticky but there should be absolutely no pain involved in removing them after use.

Q: How long will each sheet last for?
A: Each sheet will last up to 4 weeks under normal conditions.

Q: How soon after surgery should I start to use NewGel+ products?
A: You should wait at least two weeks after surgery before you begin to use NewGel+ products. The best way to know if it is OK is to make sure that the wound is fully closed i.e. no scabbing or oozing. Remember, NewGel+ is effective many years after a scar has formed so there is no need to rush.

Q: Can NewGel+ sheets be purchased on prescription?
A: Yes. Many of the different shapes are available on prescription. Just ask your GP for NewGel+ Silicone scar treatment.